Toddler Poncho, Car Seat Poncho -RED



Cute way to keep kids warm in the cooler months!  It's also a safe way to keep kids warm in their car seat. This Car Seat Poncho fits over the harness and keeps the child safe in their cars seat.  If kiddo is warm, you can take the poncho off easily without unbuckling the child.

The poncho is a pullover style with a wide hole at the neck and a button to close the hole.  The poncho has a hood and snaps to create 'sleeves" .  Be sure to UNSNAP THE SLEEVES WHEN USING IN CAR SEAT.

SIZE: 2-4T. The model in the photos is 3.5 years old.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: You can literally do anything you want.  As a test, I ran the fabric in the washer & dryer 10 times and it still looked great.

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