Baby Car Seat Blanket - Blue

$50.00 $68.00

The Car Seat Blanket is the perfect way to keep your baby warm in their car seat or stroller.  The jacket sits on the outside of the harness keeping your baby  cozy and safely fastened beneath the jacket.  


- Baby is fastened in the car seat wearing their indoor clothing. No need for a bulky jacket that maybe a hazard in the car seat.

- Sleeves are large enough to allow mom or dad access to baby's hands/arms.

- Flaps on sleeves cover baby's hands. Mittens are not needed.

Jacket- Generous blanket can be tucked around baby's legs and feet.

- Comes with tab for pacifier clip.

- Very practical for the busy parent because it's super quick to put on and take off baby.

- Fabricated in Ottawa, ON (Canada)



0-6m for babies born during the winter (Oct-Mar)

6-12m for babies born during spring, summer & fall.