3-in-1 Blanket (Grey/Grey)

Size: 6-18m

“How do I keep my baby warm in a car seat”?  The question that started it all.

3-in-1 Blanket

Safe in the car seat. Cozy in the baby carrier. Snug in the stroller.  The Bundle Baby 3-in-1 Blanket is perfect to keep babies cozy on-the-go! Designed by a Canadian Mom, it will be the most thoughtful blanket your baby cuddles!  

Blankets are ethically-made in Canada, designed to fit your baby for 2 winter seasons and packaged with eco-friendly materials.


Design Features

The designed focused on two things: Easy to use and quick to put on & take off!

 - The Blanket sits OVER the harness, so baby is safe in the car seat.

- Sleeves are large enough for moms and dads to access baby’s hands & fits over snow suit in the stroller.

- Shoulder tabs prevent baby from kicking off the blanket in the stroller.

- The flaps on the sleeve cover baby’s hands, so their little fingers stay nice and toasty.

- A pacifier tab helps keep binky on the baby, not on the floor!

- Snaps to attach the Blanket to your baby carrier.


How to use the Blanket:

You can use it in the car seat, stroller and carrier. Check out this 2 min instruction VIDEO & downloadable PDF.



The blanket will fit babies from about 4 months, but it will be big.  Ideally, it fits best 6-18m, but some of our customers used it in the stroller until their toddler was 3!  

Note for newborns: I tried a newborn blanket, but decided to discontinue it.  It's important that our products fits at least 2 seasons.  Newborn babies are so small and grow so fast, that it was impossible to have a good fit, but also fit 6 months later. 


Feedback was key!

The 3-in-1 Blanket was originally designed to be a car seat safe jacket for babies. Bulky jackets can be a hazard in the car seat and the "Bucket Jacket" (it's original name) was created to solve this problem.

I always request feedback from moms & dads... and to my surprise, most preferred the blanket in the stroller. "The baby kicks it off", so I added little tabs at the neck.  The wide sleeves were a bonus in the stroller because it literally fits over all clothing, even a snow suit.  Think, winter festivals in Canada!  Even with a snow suit, you still might want to bundle up the baby/toddler with an extra warm blanket for the stroller.

Another request was to add snaps to use the blanket on the carrier!  Now, that was a genius idea!  I added snaps & made some slight adjustments to ensure it fit well over the carrier and voila, a baby carrier cover!