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I'm Natalie, mom of 3 and founder of Bundle Baby.   

Natalie from Bundle Baby


My mission is to make life on-the-go with little ones just bit easier!!  Bundle Baby products are easy to put on, quick to take off, thoughtfully-designed and safe in the car seat!

My Bundle Baby Journey   

From frustration to idea to product.  

Do you remember the first time you heard "winter jackets aren't safe in the car seat" (insert head exploding emoji)? I live in Ottawa, Canada and what the...? Winter jackets aren't optional. I thought "why doesn't someone create a jacket that fits OVER the harness?" ...and, hey, that "someone" ended up being me!

3-in-1 Blanket

This my first product.  I consider it my fourth baby.  I create this originally, to keep my own babies safe in their car seat.  Over time, with awesome feedback from other moms, the "car seat jacket" became the 3-in-1 Blanket, which keeps babies safe in the car seat, warm in the stroller & cozy in the carrier.  Check them out here!

bundle baby car seat blanket


Toddler Poncho

Our poncho keeps toddlers safe in the car seat and is so frickin' cute!  Check out the cuteness here!

bundle baby car seat poncho


Bundle Mama Poncho

This is my latest brain-baby!  A mom joked about wanting a poncho for herself.  I laughed.  Then, another mom said the same thing, and another.  Huh.  "Oh, what the heck, let's see where this goes"....and, I loved it!  I wear mine all the time!!

bundle baby adult poncho


I'm often tinkering with new products. I love trying new designs and improving old ones.  I share all the trials & tribulations on social!  Come hang out on Instagram!


From my kitchen floor...

Since 2017, my blankets were handmade by yours truly!   Over time, I went from scissors, to a rotary cutter and my latest badass, an electric saw and  I can thank YouTube for teaching me how to sew!   That pretty much consumed all my babies' nap time that first year!

bundle baby

In the Fall 2020 (Covid's birth year), I did a manufacturing run of the Blanket.  My dream was to see "Made in Canada" on my products (and NOT made by me!).  I found a manufacturer in Ottawa!  You might not be familiar with the manufacturing industry in Ottawa because, well,  it doesn't exist.  I was ecstatic when a women-owned manufacturing business opened in Ottawa!

bundle baby manufacturing


Check out our Instagram and follow the process.

My Blog

I'm a car seat tech and my inner-nerd is my superpower. My blog is a fun place for me.  I have some car seat videos in there (they're short, I know you're busy),

rear facing toddler in car seat

I show behind the scenes of my business and sometimes I have Guest Bloggers join me.    Check out my blog here!
I hope you enjoy the site!  If you have any questions, please email hello@bundlebaby.ca .  Enjoy the shopping experience!
- Natalie, founder of Bundle Baby