3-in-1 Blanket (Grey/Grey)

Size: 6-18m

The blanket that does it all: car seat blanket, stroller blanket & baby-wearing blanket.  What other baby gear does that?

Bundle Baby's 3-in-1 Blanket is designed by me, a Canadian Mom, tested on my kids & manufactured in Ottawa, Canada.   I know how frustrating it can be to have your baby outgrow their clothing quickly, so the blanket is designed to fit for at least 2 seasons! Promise!

It's safe in the car seat because it fits after you buckle them in! No unsafe, bulky winter jackets in the car seat!  The wide sleeves allow moms and dads to access baby’s hands.  The flaps on the sleeve cover baby’s hands, so their little fingers stay nice and toasty.  It's so easy to put on and quick to take off, it'll take you longer to prepare the diaper bag than to dress the baby.

In the spring and fall, your baby will be super cozy in the stroller!  It will fit over all their clothing.  You can put the baby's arm or their legs in the sleeves.

Baby-wearing blanket?  Bundle Baby makes it a cozy cuddle in the baby carrier!  

Ethically-made in Ottawa, Canada and shipped in eco-friendly packaging.


How to use the Blanket:

You can use it in the car seat, stroller and carrier. Check out this 2 min VIDEO instructions & downloadable PDF.



The blanket will fit babies from about 4 months, but it will be big.  Ideally, it fits best 6-18m, but some of our customers used it in the stroller until their toddler was 3!  

Note for newborns: You can swaddle the baby. Here's a quick video to show how.  We did try to create a size that fits newborns, but decided to discontinue it.  It's important that our products fit a long time (2 seasons at least).  Newborn babies are so small and grow so fast, that it was impossible to have a good fit, but also fit 6 months later.