Toddler Poncho, Car Seat Poncho - Medium Grey


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Get out the door quick with Bundle Baby's Toddler Poncho!  It's everything you want from kids clothing; quick to put on, easy to take off, dryer-safe, car seat-safe and fits at least 2 years!!!  

How is it safe in the car seat? This Car Seat Poncho fits over the harness!  If your child gets warm on a long drive, you can take the poncho off easily without unbuckling the child.

The poncho is a pullover style with a wide hole at the neck and a button to close the hole.  The poncho has a hood and snaps to create 'sleeves", so your child can play in it.  It has the safety features of a car seat poncho without all the excess fabric getting in the way.  Be sure to UNSNAP THE SLEEVES WHEN USING IN CAR SEAT.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Washer? Dryer?  Sure, you can do anything you want.  Our fabric is sturdy and easy to wash!!