I started Bundle Baby when my twins boys were babies and my daughter was 3. 

Bundle Baby was Inspired by my Human Babies

In 2017, I had an idea of a jacket that fit "backwards" in the car seat.  I took my idea to a seamstress and she made the first two "Car Seat Jackets" (Today, I call it the  3-in-1 Blanket.).  I learnt to sew and started my first e-commerce store. Looking back, I had no idea what I was doing (honestly, I still don't).

My babies became toddlers, so I created a Toddler Car Seat Poncho . Have you noticed a theme? Yes, I'm one of "those people"... a geek when it comes to car seats. A 12 month baby that's front-facing?  I don't judge.... much.


In the first few years, it was easy to connect to Bundle Baby's audience (new moms) because I was a new mom. I understood the chaotic life with a newborn & toddler. I had nursing issues, crap sleep and postpartum hair.   


Creating content was easy. My house was baby-proofed, I sucked at potty-training and I rocked at building forts!  I talked about my day and it filled my Instagram stories.


Thanks to my weird interest in car seats, I had fun making videos about tips & tricks to keep kiddos safe in the car seat.  Admittedly, car seats isn't the most riveting subject, but I had fun doing it.  

Things have changed...

Today, the twins are almost 5 years old and in pre-K.  Now, everyone can dress themselves, take a bath without my help, they're sleeping, I am sleeping...  They're also in BOOSTERS!!!  Guys, boosters are life-changing.  The kids buckle & unbuckle themselves...alone....without you!!!! You can literally, unbuckle yourself, grab your purse and walk in the house!  That's it!!!  I remember having to do 2 trips to get everything and everyone out of the van.   The cherry on top?  Installing that sucker is easy.  Put the booster on the seat.  Period. (Teeeechnically, some connect to the UAS.... I was going to end it at "period", but my inner-nerd couldn't do it)

Now, my daily challenges are school lunches, how to get them to eat broccoli, what games will keep my son busy longer than 3 mins and where to buy the cheapest legos sets (they ain't cheap!).

Naturally, I was starting to feel less connected to Bundle Baby's content.  I wondered if I could still connect with a new mom.  Creating content (on social, on my blog & email), something that I loved doing once upon a time, was becoming a chore.  I was struggling to create content that would be appealing to a new mom.  My creativity was a field of tumbleweeds.  


Abandon Ship?

I hoped by now Bundle Baby would be profitable enough to create a salary, but sadly, that's not the case.  That, coupled with the disconnect I've been feeling with the content, has me questioning if Bundle Baby is still worth pursuing. 

I love Bundle Baby. It's my creative outlet and my sewing machine is my zen space.   I guess it could be a fun side hustle which is honestly, a little hit to my ego. I started Bundle Baby hoping it would would be my career.

I think about life without Bundle Baby.  I would definitely have more free time!    Could I learn something new? Would I waste time on Netflix?  Would I try a different business?  Maybe, I'll finally get into a fitness routine?

My poor husband has heard all the what-ifs.   I don't know what I'll do with Bundle Baby.  If you've read to this point, hopefully, you're too disappointed that I'm not ending with a decision. 

Entrepreneurship is so emotional.   

Thanks for reading my rant...



Natalie Therrien


Natalie Therrien

First of all thank you for my order. My niece loved the 3 in 1 blankets and hats! I am sure you will excel in anything and everything you choose. Just be happy!
Oh ya! PS: Don’t worry about the brocoli…in 10 years they’ll tell us to stop eating brocoli because they are not good for us. LOL

Natalie Therrien

Hi Natalie,
I trust that you will make a decision that makes you happy. I have to tell you that the 3-in-1 blanket I bought for my grandson has gone to good use. My daughter raves about it and her son is nice and toasty in it.
During this pandemic, many people are questioning their purpose and their dreams. My wish for you is that you will continue to create in whatever capacity you choose. You are creative, original and talented. If it’s not Baby Bundle, it’ll be something else that will benefit others.
Good luck!

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