Kids are Home for 3 Weeks: 40 Ideas to Keep Them Busy!

Kids are Home for 3 Weeks: 40 Ideas to Keep Them Busy!

If you're thinking "What should I do with the kids for 3 weeks?", you're not alone!  Being a Stay-At-Home Mom, I have a good list of activities for the kids.  

I gathered my best ideas and googled a few more to build an awesome list of fun activities so moms &/or dads are not losing their minds.  Take a note pad and make a list of all the junk you can buy at the Dollar Store and build your own craft/survival kit to surviving the COVID 3 Week March Break!


- Cooking with Kids (this is TOTALLY depending if you have the patience... it's either super fun OR super NOT fun!)

Workbooks (the grade-level ones at Costco or Walmart)

- Take out the rubber boots, umbrellas & discover puddles or ditches

- Paint & Paper (want less of a mess, the water paints at Ikea are great and easy to clean)

- Take out old Hallowe'en costumes

- Fun Bathtime (get bubbles to blow, make DYI bath paint, add different toys, use the shower as rain....)

- New Apps on your tablet (I'm calling BS on "no-screen-time". 3 weeks is long AF. Be reasonable. Kids don't need 12hrs of screen-time)

- Find a big cardboard box and tell them it's an aquarium...they need to decorate it)

- Put a mattress on the floor (why? I don't know. Kids LOVE this)

- Build a fort (use 4 chairs & a big blanket)

- Sticker books

- Window Art Markers

- Nerf guns 

- New colouring books and fun markers

- Fridge Magnets

- Buy new (or trade with your neighbour) action figures, cars, trucks, dolls... If you rotate your toys, this is a good time to pull out the old toys.

- Building competition (with Legos, Mega Blocks or wooden blocks...)

- New books to read 

- Balloons (game: It can't touch the floor)

- Play Doh (homemade is SUPER easy & last a long time)

- Bead kits

- Put on a play with stuffed teddies or action figures (for extra fun, record a video of it. Kids LOVE that)

- Indoor Picnic

- Puzzles

- Maze or dot to dot books

- Melting Beads

- Puffy Paint (google it, if you're not familiar)

- Dance Parties (make it competition with a prize)


Need more ideas?  Pinterest can be your best friend! Try searching these fun activities!

- Kids crafts

- Origami for kids

- Science experiments for kids

- Printable activity sheets

- Rock painting (if you can find rocks under the snow :)

- Painting with Bubbles

- Lemon Volcanoes

- Moon Sand

- Sensory Boxes

- Fun with Pasta

Well, I hope this helps!  I know this next 3 weeks is daunting, stressful & overwhelming!  Try to enjoy it and take this time to connect with your kids.  What if, at the end of the 3 weeks, we say "That was actually so fun!"?  

May the force be with you!

Natalie, owner of Bundle Baby



Natalie Therrien


Natalie Therrien


Natalie Therrien


Natalie Therrien

Wow!! So many great ideas! Mattress on the floor! Haha love it. Going to pull out the costumes and have a Halloween dance party!
Thanks so much for sharing!

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