40 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy!

40 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy!

I gathered my best ideas and googled a few more to build an awesome list of fun activities so moms &/or dads are not losing their minds during isolation.  Take a note pad and make a list of all the junk you can buy at the Dollar Store and build your own craft/survival kit to surviving isolation with the kids!


- Cooking with Kids (this is TOTALLY depending if you have the patience... it's either super fun OR super NOT fun!)

Workbooks (the grade-level ones at Costco or Walmart)

- Take out the rubber boots, umbrellas & discover puddles or ditches

- Paint & Paper (want less of a mess, the water paints at Ikea are great and easy to clean)

- Take out old Hallowe'en costumes

- Fun Bathtime (get bubbles to blow, make DYI bath paint, add different toys, use the shower as rain....)

- New Apps on your tablet (I'm calling BS on "no-screen-time". 3 weeks is long AF. Be reasonable. Kids don't need 12hrs of screen-time)

- Find a big cardboard box and tell them it's an aquarium...they need to decorate it)

- Put a mattress on the floor (why? I don't know. Kids LOVE this)

- Build a fort (use 4 chairs & a big blanket)

- Sticker books

- Window Art Markers

- Nerf guns 

- New colouring books and fun markers

- Fridge Magnets

- Buy new (or trade with your neighbour) action figures, cars, trucks, dolls... If you rotate your toys, this is a good time to pull out the old toys.

- Building competition (with Legos, Mega Blocks or wooden blocks...)

- New books to read 

- Balloons (game: It can't touch the floor)

- Play Doh (homemade is SUPER easy & last a long time)

- Bead kits

- Put on a play with stuffed teddies or action figures (for extra fun, record a video of it. Kids LOVE that)

- Indoor Picnic

- Puzzles

- Maze or dot to dot books

- Melting Beads

- Puffy Paint (google it, if you're not familiar)

- Dance Parties (make it competition with a prize)


Need more ideas?  Pinterest can be your best friend! Try searching these fun activities!

- Kids crafts

- Origami for kids

- Science experiments for kids

- Printable activity sheets

- Rock painting (if you can find rocks under the snow :)

- Painting with Bubbles

- Lemon Volcanoes

- Moon Sand

- Sensory Boxes

- Fun with Pasta

Well, I hope this helps!  I know this next 3 weeks is daunting, stressful & overwhelming!  Try to enjoy it and take this time to connect with your kids.  What if, at the end of the 3 weeks, we say "That was actually so fun!"?  

May the force be with you!

Natalie, owner of Bundle Baby



Natalie Therrien

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