Is Rear-Facing Dangerous for the Legs? (Video)

Is Rear-Facing Dangerous for the Legs? (Video)

"Isn't your child too big to be rear-facing? It looks dangerous for their legs."

If you decided to keep your kiddo rear-facing longer, you might've heard this.

Well, I'm here to debunk the myth that rear-facing is dangerous for your toddler's leg.  Click here for the video!

is rear-facing dangerous for the legs?


First, it's important to point out that car seats are designed protect kids in FRONTAL COLLISION (when your vehicle is stopped by something). 

Frontal collision

It's the most dangerous and most common type of collision. In a frontal collision, everything moves towards the front of the vehicle. The driver/passengers will jerk forward, everything that's loose and the rear-facing toddler will be pushed towards the front of the vehicle. The toddler's legs will "froggy up" with their knees coming towards their shoulders. Click photo below for a great video explaining the benefits of rear-facing!

rear-facing toddler crash test

Their legs are safe, their body is safe and most importantly, their spine is safe!

In fact, it's actually proven that there's more risk to a child legs when they're front-facing because, when their legs move towards the front of the vehicle during a collision, there's a really good chance they'll hit the seat ahead of them! Click photo below to see the video!

front-facing toddler


So, it's not true that extended rear-facing is dangerous for their legs!

One last note.... Even if it was true that legs could be injured more easily, doctors can easily repair legs, but the same cannot be said for the spine!!

Natalie Therrien


Natalie Therrien

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