I Wanted a Car Seat Safe Jacket for my Babies!

I Wanted a Car Seat Safe Jacket for my Babies!

4 years ago, if someone told me that I would own a business that sells baby products & ponchos, my head would hurt from rolling my eyes so hard. No joke. 10 years ago, if a psychic had told me that in 2020, I would be designing clothing, I would've told her to take her crystal ball back to Lala-land!

In a previous life (not really, but it feels that way), I was in engineering. That seems to fit, right? I'm a problem-solver, I love designing and I'm always thinking how to make things better. I thought I did a 180 in my career, but really, my two careers aren't THAT different. I used to design steel structures and now, I design clothing. Close enough... 

I started Bundle Baby in 2017, when my twins were babies, but realistically, the seed was planted two years before during my first pregnancy when I read that winter jackets are a hazard in the car seat.

jackets are unsafe in the car seat

I live in Canada and well, jackets aren't optional.  I thought "someone should create a jacket that fits OVER the harness so it's  safe in the car seat".  The seed was planted.

When I had the twins, that idea had planted roots. I took my idea to a seamstress (I didn't know how to sew then) and got her to make the first version of Bundle Baby's 3-in-1 Blanket.

Bundle Baby Car Seat Jacket

At the time, I called it a Bucket Jacket, but Bundle Baby, like my human babies took on a life of it's own and changed so much over time.  My Blanket went from being a safe jacket for the car seat to also being practical for the stroller and baby carrier. I learnt to sew which was a game-changer because I could test all my ideas.  Check out our 3-in-1 Blanket here!

Car seat safe jacket for babies

Then, people would ask if I had bigger blankets, ones that could fit toddlers.  I didn't see how the blanket would be very practical for toddlers, but ponchos are a great alternative for older kids, because they too, fit over the harness.   So, I tried making a few ponchos.  A year later, I  did a complete overhaul on the design.  I love the new design.  It's cute, stylish, safe for the car seat, but it doesn't have a ton of fabric like most car seat ponchos and kids can easily play in them.  Check out our Toddler Car Seat Poncho here!

car seat ponchos

My third product idea wasn't really my idea.  A mom asked/joked if I made the ponchos for adults.  Then, someone else asked....and someone else.... So, I thought, "what the heck, let's try this".  What I loved about working on this design was I could be the model!  Working on a product that I could test immediately was amazing!! (I don't have a baby, so making any changes to the Baby Blanket would require borrowing a baby!)  I made a poncho and was able to test it!  Is too much fabric, does the hood fit, where's the best location for the snaps to create sleeves, pocket vs. no pocket, best placement of pocket.... 

Eventually, I had a prototype that I loved and I did a small production run to test out the product/market/fit.  Check out the Bundle Mama Poncho here!

bundle mama poncho

My little business that started off with a Car Seat Safe Jacket bloomed into a.... honestly, I'm still not sure what to call it.  I can't really say that my brand focuses on Car Seat Safe Apparel only, anymore.  All my "clothing" is definitely cozy & meant to make mom's life a little easier. 

We'll see where the next product takes me!

Natalie Therrien

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