How to keep my baby warm (& SAFE)  in the car seat? (video)

How to keep my baby warm (& SAFE) in the car seat? (video)

Well, friends, I'm not Google, but I do have a fantastic solution!  Click here for the video!
We live in Canada and our winters are COLD!   If you have cold winters, the BEST purchase you can make is a car seat cover that fits like a shower cap. If you're a fellow Canadian or a US neighbor, a car seat cover should be on your baby shower list!  It's the easiest & most practical way to keep your baby warm. You can find them anywhere and they are available at a variety of prices. 

car seat covers 

Buyer Beware: Car seat covers that fit UNDER the baby are NOT recommended.  This creates additional bulk beneath the harness, which is not safe!  The risk of excess bulk beneath the harness means that in a collision, all that fluff will compress and the baby could come out of the car seat.  Scary! 

A car seat cover alone might not be warm enough for our "... minus degree" weather. For some extra warmth, add a blanket!  A Bundle Baby 3-in-1 Blanket is the perfect solution. It's easy to put on, quick to take off and fits OVER the harness, so its safe for the car seat!  The car seat cover and 3-in-1 Blanket are a dynamic duo keeping your baby cozy on all your chilly adventures!   

car seat cover and bundle baby blanket safe in the car seat

What happens if you're in the car for a while and you think baby might be too hot? No problemo.  The 3-in-1 Blanket is super easy to remove; pull the sleeves and it easily comes off.  No need to unbuckle baby or take the car seat cover off!! Genius, right? A cozy baby is a happy baby... and a happy baby is a happy mommy or daddy!  

Happy adventures!

Nat, founder of Bundle Baby

Natalie Therrien

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