3-in-1 Blanket Instructions (video)

3-in-1 Blanket Instructions (video)

"Hey Google: How do I keep my baby warm & safe in the car seat?"  A fantastic & safe solution is Bundle Baby's 3-in-1 Blanket!

Cozy on-the-go!  The 3-in-1 Blanket is the perfect way to keep your baby warm in the car seat, stroller & baby carrier!  Here's how.


Place baby in the car seat wearing their indoor clothing. Buckle & tighten harness. Use the "pinch test". Place the Bundle Baby 3-in-1 Blanket OVER the harness by placing the baby's arms in the sleeves (sleeves are wide enough for moms or dads' hands) & tuck blanket around baby's legs.  For newborns, you can swaddle in the car seat (click here video).


Buckle baby in stroller.  Place baby's arms in the sleeves & fasten neck tabs (to prevent baby from kicking off the blanket).  Tuck the Blanket around baby's waist & legs.


Place baby in carrier.  Flip the Bundle Baby 3-in-1 Blanket upside down and place baby's legs in the sleeves.  Use snaps to secure around the carrier shoulder straps.




Natalie Therrien

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