Guest Blog: 5 Tips to Introduce French to Your Baby/Child

Guest Blog: 5 Tips to Introduce French to Your Baby/Child

I love what Amy at 123 Petits Pas has created! Her  programs (in-class or virtual) introduce french to kids 0-9y with a fun interactive experience for both child & parent (yes, even if the parent doesn't speak french) so you can learn French together!  

My kids & I have participated in Madame Amy's class online and I can say first hand that her classes are sooo fun!  She plays music, sings songs, has games & dances.  Keeping two 3 year old boys attention is a challenge and they stayed engaged the entire time!  She's a miracle-worker!

Thanks Amy for sharing your tips!  



Learn french with your baby or child

Raising a bilingual child has many benefits, but can be a daunting task for parents if you don’t know where to begin. Studies suggest that bilingual children are more prone to having a greater attention span, stronger listening skills, higher memory retention, are more creative, and so on. We know that introducing multiple languages to children are beneficial cognitively, but what’s the best way to introduce a second language, such as French, to children? 

Here are 5 tips to introducing French to your little one. 


Tip #1: Make it Fun!

It’s so important to ensure that their first memories and experiences with a new language are fun vs. difficult or boring. Incorporate the things they love: toys, games, books, and music. The more fun it is, the more they will enjoy learning! See @123petitspas on Instagram for book suggestions, activities, and much more!

translation of winter clothes in french

Tip #2: Be Playful & Hands-On!

The more they get to touch objects, move, dance, doodle, make music, and employ all of their senses, the better the learning experience. Examples: introduce colours while playing with play dough, learn their fruits while eating a fruit salad, practice action words and body parts while doing a silly dance.

123petits pas

Tip #3: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Use repetition to make learning concrete and intuitive. Read their favourite books over and over, and use music to learn full phrases and key vocabulary! You will be surprised at how quickly they will pick up on common words and phrases after some repetition. 

Tip #4: Add French to your Daily Routine!

Make French a part of your child’s daily activities. Integrating French into your child’s everyday life can have a big impact, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day! Perhaps bath time is in French. Perhaps each time you go up or downstairs, you count them in French! 

translation of french to english cars trucks bus

Tip #5: Moms & Dads Join In!!

Learning together is a wonderful bonding experience, and having a young child provides a great opportunity for parents to practice or learn a new language since you’re starting from square one. It’s also a great opportunity for you to model positivity and excitement towards learning new things. 



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