Feeding Baby in the Vehicle (video)

Feeding Baby in the Vehicle (video)

Let's be clear, I'm talking about a PARKED vehicle (in a parking lot).  If your car is moving, please don't nurse your baby (and bottle feed with caution).

Before you roll your eyes and think "Great, now what's wrong with feeding a baby in a parked car?!"  I want to say, nothing is wrong.  Feeding your baby on the road, as long as the car is parked (for nursing anyway), is fine...BUT, can it be safer?  Yup! Let's talk about that.  Check out this quick 2 min video!

Feeding baby in parked car

Did you know an airbag can deploy even if the engine is not running?  A good example is in a parking lot when another vehicle bumps into yours. Let's be real, this is rare.  Most people have never heard of an airbag going off in the Costco parking lot because it rarely happens.

That being said, it CAN happen and HAS happened.  If you're feeding your baby in the front seat, Mr. Dodge Ram backs into you and the airbags deploy, that could be a traumatic experience for everyone.  The best place to feed your baby is in the back seat.  The airbags, if any, in the back seat are much smaller, higher and less dangerous.

Prior to learning this in my CPST training, I nursed my baby in the front seat all the time.  After, I started nursing in the back seat and you know what?  It's just as comfortable and it's bit more private.

If this is not available to you because you have a bunch of car seats in the back seat or a 60lb dog taking up the space, use the front seat.  Again, the risk is low.  If, however, the back seat is available for the taking, go for it.  It's safer for everyone.

Natalie, owner of Bundle Baby

Natalie Therrien

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