Car Seat Swaddle for Newborns (video)

Car Seat Swaddle for Newborns (video)

Did you know you can swaddle a baby in the car seat? Say what??  Yup, in the car seat! you'll love it and your newborn baby will, too. It's safe because you're swaddling the baby OVER the harness. 

Before explaining, I would like to note that the blanket SHOULD NOT fit beneath the baby. Now, how do you safely swaddle a baby in the car seat? Firstly, ensure baby is safely harnessed; the chest clip should be at armpit level & the harness should be tight ("pinch test"). Once the baby is safely harnessed: - Tuck their arm - Wrap the blanket tightly around the baby from their shoulders down to their legs Bonus; if you tap on their chest & shush them, it calms those super fun car seat meltdowns!

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Natalie Therrien

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